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Hey I'm Lee-Ann! I'm super passionate about New Zealand and it's outstanding beauty. I'm an outdoor enthusiast and want to share all of the beautiful places NZ has to offer!!


Riwaka Resurgence

End of Riwaka Valley Road, Riwaka, New Zealand

Coordinates: -41.03764, 172.9153

Incredible place where water escapes from a set of limestone caves underneath the Takaka hill. A lovely stroll next to the river and great clear pools to admire!

Posted 2 years ago

Whispering Falls, Aniseed Valley, Nelson

Nelson, New Zealand

Coordinates: -41.34882, 173.1964

Amazing and magical waterfalls! There are endless on this hike and even ones that trickle over cliff faces to give you a shower!

Posted 2 years ago

Wharariki Beach

Wharariki Road, Puponga, New Zealand

Coordinates: -40.504, 172.6773

This beach is one of the best on earth! There are so many dunes to run down and baby seals to see diving into the rock pools. Absolutely beautiful at sunset and the walk to the beach a great build up with gorgeous, rolling green hills. @befreewithlee

Posted 2 years ago

Pupu Springs - Takaka

Takaka, New Zealand

Coordinates: -40.84795, 172.7686

Absolute must see! These springs hold some of the clearest water in the Southern Hemisphere, every second pumping out enough water to fill 40 bath tubs! Pretty incredible place. @befreewithlee

Posted 2 years ago

Labyrinth Rocks

Takaka, New Zealand

Coordinates: -40.86104, 172.8064

Crazy but awesome rock structures situated about 5 minutes from Takaka. The whole place is a maze taking you on a weird and wonderful journey. There are little rock caves at the end of the track that are a must do! There are also random and creepy toys in sneaky spots throughout the track so keep an eye out for them! @befreewithlee

Posted 2 years ago

Tata Beach

Tata Beach Esplanade, Tata Beach, Tasman, New Zealand

Coordinates: -40.81131, 172.9152

Incredible golden beach about 15 minutes from Takaka. A great place to enjoy kayaking on still and clear water. @befreewithlee

Posted 2 years ago

Rawhiti Caves

213 Packard Road, Motupipi, Tasman, New Zealand

Coordinates: -40.8724, 172.8504

A hard climb but well worth it! 45 minutes from the car park to the magnificent caves. Great place to appreciate natures creativity. @befreewithlee

Posted 2 years ago