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young girl from Germany, exploring new places | Wanderlust Instagram: lasstunsabenteuersein


North Cape

Honningsvåg, Norway

Coordinates: 71.1725, 25.79445

Where the sun never goes down...a magic place where you can feel freedom with warm sunlight and cold wind in your face...magic!

Posted 2 years ago


Procida, Italy

Coordinates: 40.7667, 14.0333

A little island near Naples. It's a perfect option to escape from city life. A ferry will take you to this island with dark beaches because of the volcanic rock.

Posted 2 years ago

Mount Vesuvius

Ercolano, Kampanien, Italien

Coordinates: 40.82139, 14.42556

Climb the Vesuvius - one of the most dangerous volcanos in the world - and you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view over Naples.

Posted 2 years ago

Two Towers Bologna

Strada Maggiore 2, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italien

Coordinates: 44.4943, 11.34672

Bologna will take you back in time. Take a look at the Two Towers. Bologna is known for it's towers. From originally 180 towers there exist about 40 today. And here are the two most famous ones

Posted 2 years ago

Pompeii, Italy

Autostrada del Sole, Teano, Kampanien, Italien

Coordinates: 41.24519, 14.09247

It is more than "old stones" - it is history. History of a tragic event that took place 79 A.D. Go back in time and enjoy the beauty of an old Roman city.

Posted 2 years ago

Perugia, Italy

Perugia, Italy

Coordinates: 43.1122, 12.3889

From postcard to reality! Via Appia - one of the most famous streets in Perugia - an old Italian town which is known for its tasty chocolate! Try it, take a look and enjoy the view from Via Appia!

Posted 2 years ago

Teatro San Carlo

Via San Carlo 98/F, Naples, Italy

Coordinates: 40.83781, 14.24943

One of the most beautiful theatre I have visited so far. Unimpressive building but when you take a look inside you will feel like Alice in Wonderland. Take a sneak peek.

Posted 2 years ago