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Tulum, Quintana Roo

Tulum, Mexico

Coordinates: 20.2167, -87.4667

Paradise Beach Tulum Don't you love these turquoise waters?

Posted 1 year ago

Chichén-Itzá, Yucatan, Mexico

Chichén-Itzá, Mexico

Coordinates: 20.68428, -88.56778

A dream come true Admiring the beauty that is - Mayan Ruins at ChichenItza

Posted 1 year ago

Heroes Square Budapest Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Coordinates: 47.4719, 19.0503

If you are looking for activities to do for free in Budapest, visit the Heroes Square. This place is stunning for pictures and is located in the city

Posted 2 years ago

Fisherman's Bastion

Szentháromság tér, Budajeno, Hungary

Coordinates: 47.50222, 19.03472

Visit the Fisherman's Bastion to get some stunning views of the city of Budapest In the same complex, you can access the Buda Castle and the St Mathias Church as well

Posted 2 years ago

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Coordinates: 47.4719, 19.0503

View of River Danube and the amazing cityscape of Budapest Shot from a hilltop, in Buda Castle

Posted 2 years ago

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary, AB, Canada

Coordinates: 51.045, -114.057

Eau Claire Market Downtown Calgary Admire the nature and the cityscape ♥️

Posted 2 years ago

Moraine Lake

Alberta, Canada, Lake Louise, AB, Canada

Coordinates: 51.4267, -116.1786

Beautiful glacier fed Moraine Lake in Canadian Rockies ♥️

Posted 2 years ago

Fort Edmonton Park - Edmonton Canada

7000 143 St NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Coordinates: 53.50115, -113.579

Experience a living history museum in Edmonton at the Fort Edmonton Park

Posted 2 years ago

Hofbräuhaus München - Das Original

Platzl 9, Munich, Germany

Coordinates: 48.13757, 11.57996

Hofbräuhaus - Oldest Beerhall in Bavaria

Posted 2 years ago

Marienplatz - Munich

Munich, Germany

Coordinates: 48.15, 11.5833

Marienplatz in Munich Oldest square in Munich - Mary's Square or Marienplatz. Take a free walking tour from Marienplatz and explore old Munich on foot. 2.5 hrs - 3 hrs

Posted 2 years ago

Capilano Suspension Bridge Vancouver, BC

Upper Levels Hwy, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Coordinates: 49.33191, -123.0595

Vancouver - Capilano Suspension Bridge

Posted 2 years ago

Old Munich

Montsalvatstraße 14, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Coordinates: 48.1705, 11.58337

Munich, Germany

Posted 2 years ago


Adelshofen, Bavaria, Germany

Coordinates: 48.19975, 11.06993

Glimpse of Munich

Posted 2 years ago

Neuschwanstein Castle - Munich

Geltendorf, Bavaria, Germany

Coordinates: 48.1679, 10.97384

Munich - Neuschwanstein Castle

Posted 2 years ago

English Bay, Vancouver Canada

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Coordinates: 49.28081, -123.1453

English Bay, Vancouver BC

Posted 2 years ago

Port of Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Coordinates: 49.2827, -123.1537

Port of Vancouver Watch the beautiful sunset at the Vancouver Port BC, Canada

Posted 2 years ago


Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

Coordinates: 49.41735, 11.20432

Nuremberg, Germany One of the largest cities of Bavaria, in Germany Consider doing a day trip to Nuremberg from Munich, you will be pleasantly surprised. Nuremberg also known for its toy museum and Christmas Markets!

Posted 2 years ago